this project began in fireman street kitchen
while dorottya and i stretched our brains
with hex and binary number bases

in the function to convert to any base
it was needed to substitute letters for remainders > 9
so the ascii code for the letters was useful here
by adding 87 to 10 it becomes the ascii code for 'a'

first a check is made to see what range the number is in,
like in decimal 10s 100s or 1000s, so like an abacus
variable nr is the new remainder to be divided repeatly
til nothing remains.... well not quite
but view the source code to see

and lastly because numbers are written right to left
like arabic the order needed to be reversed

still there is a mistake with larger numbers
the last 5 digits or so are left as zero

any ideas welcome...

and it may not work in internet explorer(o:
view source code